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Bagua Master Wang Rongtang 王荣堂

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Wang Rongtang 王荣堂(19131996), from Beijing, was one of the important inheritors of baguazhang. In his childhood, he practiced martial arts such as tongbei, shuaijiao, Wu style taijiquan, and xingyiquan. Through his painstaking practice of Cheng style Baguazhang under third generation inheritor Yang Mingshan 杨明山, he was accepted as a fourth generation baguazhang disciple.

All his life, Wang was fascinated by combat skills. With a deep and solid background in combat skills and push hands, he enjoyed a great reputation in the capital. Wang was a committee member of the Beijing Wushu Sport Association, a standing committee member of the Baguazhang Research Society, an advisor to the Combat Research Society, an instructor to the Foreign Wushu Team at the Beijing Gifted Education Wushu School, and held other positions as well.

Wang was well learned and had high martial virtue (wude 武德). He was very strict when he selected his own disciples, but he whole-heartedly passed on his knowledge to ensure that chinese martial arts continued to grow and develop. His official disciples in order of acceptance are:

  1. Lu Bing Wen 路 秉文(Beijing )
  2. Li Zengfu 李增富 (also known as "Clock" Li, Beijing)
  3. Sun Shouren 孙守仁(Beijing)
  4. Qin Canghan 秦苍汉(Beijing)
  5. Zhao Minhua 赵民华(Beijing)
  6. Ge Zhiquan 葛志全(Beijing)
  7. Guo Xuexin 郭学新(Beijing)
  8. Wang Zhongyong 王忠勇(Beijing)
  9. Mei Huizhi 梅惠志(Beijing)
  10. Li Wenzhang 李文章(Beijing)
  11. Wang Liyuan 王立元(Beijing)
  12. Yin Lizhong 尹立钟(Beijing)
  13. Du Wenhai 杜文海(Beijing)
  14. Cao Rucheng 曹汝成(Hunan)
  15. Gao Zhaozhong 高照忠(Hunan)
  16. Wu Hao 吴浩(Hunan)
  17. Hong Zhaofa 洪照发(Hunan)
  18. Xu Zhiwen 许志文(Beijing)
  19. Li Tailiang 李泰良(Beijing)

Entrusted with Wang Rongtang's teachings, his disciples have also imparted these miraculous skills in order to propagate martial arts. They have had quite an influence both domestically and abroad.

Domestic positions:
  • Mei Huizhi (current president of the Beijing Martial Combat Research Society)
  • Li Wenzhang (previous vice-president of Beijing Baguazhang Research Society)
  • Wang Zhongyong (previous vice-president of Beijing Baguazhang Research Society)

Overseas positions:
  • Zhao Minhua (current Chairman of the Italian Chinese Gongfu Alliance)
  • Li Tailiang (current president and chief instructor of the American Xinyidao Association)

Wang Rongtang's 19 disciples (the 5th generation of Baguazhang) in turn have hundreds of disciples of their own. In the different schools of Baguazhang, Wang Rongtang's style is known at home and abroad as having strong combat capability.

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