Friday, June 11, 2010

Wu Jianquan as vicious as Yang Banhou?

There's an article about Wang Maozhai 王茂齋 on ( that includes the following story about Wu Jianquan 吳鑒泉 that I had never heard before.

It says that when Wu Jianquan went to Shanghai, some over zealous folk put up some rhyming couplets on the walls that extolled Wu's prowess. This led to a non-stop stream of folks coming to compare skills with him. After 3 months, a daoist from Jiangnan 江南 named Huang Daozi 黃道子 came to visit. Wu told Huang that the couplet was just someone's idea of a joke, but Huang insisted on comparing skills. After a couple rounds, Huang threw a sneaky palm attack at Wu, who took advantage of it to throw his own palm knocking Huang back quite a distance. Huang hit the ground and coughed up blood. He died 3 or 4 hours later. After this incident, the challengers gradually tapered off, and people started to say he was as vicious as Yang Banhou 楊班候.

I'm curious if anyone has heard this story before?