Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wu style applications

I recently found some interesting videos of an elderly fellow named Zhan Bo 戰波 from the Northern Wu lineage (Wu Quanyou 吳全佑 -> Wang Maozhai 王茂齋 -> Xui Pixun 修丕勛 -> Zhan Bo).

I liked these videos because he's demonstrating applications as his partner feeds him a strike rather than the usual applications out of push hands engagements. He also appears quite spritely for his age, incorporating lively footwork with his applications

This first video is only 3:10 and demonstrates a variety of entries from his partner's attack:

This second video is over an hour long, but demonstrates a variety of applications from the various movements of the traditional form. Many of them appear to rely on the opponent being a bit stiff at the moment of contact, but I think they're quite interesting nonetheless: