Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tian Ruwen: Disciple of Dai Kui has an interesting article on Tian Ruwen 田汝文, a disciple of Dai Kui 戴奎. The author of the article (who practices Xingyiquan, but doesn't specify which style or whom he learned from) says that he's never met anyone with such developed dantian power. He placed his hand on Master Tian's dantian and was knocked backward without Master Tian needing to take a step (only from the contraction and expansion of the dantian).

What I found interesting is that Tian is 71 this year, but Wang Yinghai is 84. Dai Kui passed away when Wang Yinghai was 25, so that means Tian was only 12 when Dai Kui died. Did Tian continue his training with someone else (perhaps his seniors)? Or did he manage to achieve such a high level by continuing on his own?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vids of Che & Dai style

Poking around on chinese wushu websites, I came across this profile on with vids of Wang Taichen 王太晨>. Apparently Wang has been practicing Che style since 1982 under Wang Buqing 王步青 (Che Yizhai 車毅齋 -> Lu Xuelong 呂學隆 -> Wang Buqing) and also became a disciple of Wang Yinghai (of Dai style fame) in 2003.