Monday, October 18, 2010

Chinese articles on Dai style Xinyiquan

For those that can read chinese, there are some new articles on Dai style folks over at

For those of you that can't read chinese, the last two links have pics.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wu Jianquan as vicious as Yang Banhou?

There's an article about Wang Maozhai 王茂齋 on ( that includes the following story about Wu Jianquan 吳鑒泉 that I had never heard before.

It says that when Wu Jianquan went to Shanghai, some over zealous folk put up some rhyming couplets on the walls that extolled Wu's prowess. This led to a non-stop stream of folks coming to compare skills with him. After 3 months, a daoist from Jiangnan 江南 named Huang Daozi 黃道子 came to visit. Wu told Huang that the couplet was just someone's idea of a joke, but Huang insisted on comparing skills. After a couple rounds, Huang threw a sneaky palm attack at Wu, who took advantage of it to throw his own palm knocking Huang back quite a distance. Huang hit the ground and coughed up blood. He died 3 or 4 hours later. After this incident, the challengers gradually tapered off, and people started to say he was as vicious as Yang Banhou 楊班候.

I'm curious if anyone has heard this story before?

Friday, January 22, 2010

More vids

Video of Gao Baodong 高宝东 (profiled earlier in this blog). Unfortunately, the 10min long clip apparently has no sound. He shows part of a spear form at the 4:24 mark:

Here's another video of him just performing a spear set. Note: this appears to be the same spear set that Li Tailiang 李泰良 teaches (with the variations you'd expect to see between different teachers):

Video of Wang Guolang 王国良, another disciple of Wang Yinghai 王映海, performing the Siba 四把 routine:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Vid clip of An Qibang 安启邦

An Qibang's lineage is Che Yizhai 车毅斋—> Liu Jian 刘俭—> Wu Zhitai 吴治泰, which makes him a gongfu cousin of Yang Fansheng 杨凡生.

In this clip, he demonstrates the Advancing-Retreating 進退連環 form, the Jixing Siba 雞形四把 form, the Zashichui 雜勢捶 form, and the 5 elements 五行拳.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Video clips of Dai style Xinyiquan

I came across some video clips that practitioners in Wang Yinghai's 王映海 lineage might be interested in:

This is Wang Yi 王毅, the disciple of Wang Yinghai who wrote the Dai style weapons book:

This is Wang Xicheng 王喜成, Wang Yinghai's grandson. He's showing the basic squatting monkey and the 5 elements:

This is Wang Xicheng performing the Dai style short staff:

This is Wang Yinghai himself performing Si Ba 四把 at 60 years of age:

This is Wang Yinghai performing the Three Fists 三拳 also at 60: