Friday, January 22, 2010

More vids

Video of Gao Baodong 高宝东 (profiled earlier in this blog). Unfortunately, the 10min long clip apparently has no sound. He shows part of a spear form at the 4:24 mark:

Here's another video of him just performing a spear set. Note: this appears to be the same spear set that Li Tailiang 李泰良 teaches (with the variations you'd expect to see between different teachers):

Video of Wang Guolang 王国良, another disciple of Wang Yinghai 王映海, performing the Siba 四把 routine:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Vid clip of An Qibang 安启邦

An Qibang's lineage is Che Yizhai 车毅斋—> Liu Jian 刘俭—> Wu Zhitai 吴治泰, which makes him a gongfu cousin of Yang Fansheng 杨凡生.

In this clip, he demonstrates the Advancing-Retreating 進退連環 form, the Jixing Siba 雞形四把 form, the Zashichui 雜勢捶 form, and the 5 elements 五行拳.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Video clips of Dai style Xinyiquan

I came across some video clips that practitioners in Wang Yinghai's 王映海 lineage might be interested in:

This is Wang Yi 王毅, the disciple of Wang Yinghai who wrote the Dai style weapons book:

This is Wang Xicheng 王喜成, Wang Yinghai's grandson. He's showing the basic squatting monkey and the 5 elements:

This is Wang Xicheng performing the Dai style short staff:

This is Wang Yinghai himself performing Si Ba 四把 at 60 years of age:

This is Wang Yinghai performing the Three Fists 三拳 also at 60: